Exporting the audio

In order to use your percussion sequence outside of Doggiebox, you will need to first export it to a file of a traditional sound format that can be used by other programs.

To create a two-channel mix-down of your song, choose Export Stereo Mix… from the File menu. You will be prompted to choose the file type and encoding as well as the sample rate. Doggiebox will then take a few moments to export the file.

For finer control over external mixing, you can also split the audio into groups of related instruments. To do so, choose Export Multiple Tracks… and specify a base filename. Doggiebox will create a separate stereo mix-down for each of the groupings in the current drum kit (equal to the number of grid rows seen in the pattern editor).

If you wish to create a Standard MIDI File, rather than a full audio mix, choose Export MIDI File…. Bar structure and tempo information will be preserved as best as possible.

Exporting only the selection

Rather than the entire song, you may wish to export just the currently-selected patterns or beats. The same operations are available for this purpose under Export Selected in the Edit menu (or by right-clicking in the top region of a pattern).

[screen shot of volume control]
Master volume adjustment.

Adjusting the volume and decay

A slider in the lower-right corner of the song document window controls the master volume. If you find the exported audio is either too quiet or too loud (causing clipping), adjust the volume accordingly, and try exporting again.

If you are creating rhythms for use as loops, you should turn off the Allow sounds to decay completely mode in Preferences to ensure that that the duration is precisely what you expect.

Externally-controlled playback

In addition to exporting static files, it's also possible to have Doggiebox play back in real time by following external commands. If a MIDI device or application is connected, Doggiebox will heed incoming MIDI machine control (MTC) events for controlling its playback and cueing. See Preferences for further details.