You can configure several Doggiebox behaviours to your liking by choosing Preferences… from the Doggiebox menu. The options are described below.

[screen shot of preferences window]
The preferences window.

Song editing & playback

Number of bars per line governs how patterns are arranged in the pattern editor. You can choose to wrap at visible width or to wrap every fixed number of bars; alternatively, with no limit they will be shown in one continuous row.

Begin new line at each section: If selected, the first pattern of each section will be displayed on a new row, regardless of the above mode.

Allow sounds to decay completely: This affects how Doggiebox behaves at the end of the song when playing back and exporting. Typically, you will want to hear the entirety of any sound that extends beyond the final bar (such as crash cymbals, which might decay for several seconds). Doggiebox accommodates this when the checkbox is enabled. In some circumstances, though, you may want Doggiebox to produce output of specific length; in such a case, turn off this option.

MIDI device control

These settings let you integrate Doggiebox with other MIDI-compatible applications or devices for real-time input, output and control.

Input source: Doggiebox will automatically select drums in the drum kit palette based on incoming MIDI "note on" messages, and if record mode is enabled, will create corresponding drum events in the pattern editor.

Output target: During playback and drum selection, Doggiebox will send MIDI "note on" and "note off" events in real time to the selected device.

Send machine control (MMC) and time code (MTC): Additional MIDI messages ("start", "stop", "locate", "deferred play", as well as continouous quarter-frame time code) will be sent to the output device during playback when this option is enabled. If you are driving a device that can respond to such commands, such as a tape deck or other software, this will help it synchronize with Doggiebox.

Mute audio playback when MIDI is active: With this option selected, Doggiebox will suppress playing drum sounds through the speakers when the MIDI output target is online. This way you will not hear drum sounds coming from two places at once.

Software updates

If you bought Doggiebox from the Mac App Store, choose App Store… from the menu to check for and install new updates.

If you bought Doggiebox from Zygoat, you can check to see if there is a newer version available by choosing Check for Update… from the Doggiebox menu.

With automatically check for new updates enabled, Doggiebox will periodically look to see whether a new update is available (approximately once a week), and notify you if it finds one.